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The purpose and philosophy of North Park Manor Society is to provide good low cost housing for senior citizens in a Christian environment of caring and nurturing.

North Park Manor Society is an outreach of First Baptist Church, Victoria. Members of the Society are expected to express in their attitudes and actions the Christian ethic and endeavor to carry out to the best of their ability the operation of a project in keeping with Christian beliefs and practices. Members of the Society are also expected to be part of the ongoing daily life of North Park Manor and Fisgard House by participating, whenever possible, in the various activities as volunteers. Our relationship to the tenants is to be one of friendly helpfulness and caring.

Members of the staff are expected to reflect the same attitude in their relationship with the tenants.

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me..” Matthew 25:35


North Park Manor – 1975 Fisgard House – 1988 First Baptist Church, Victoria, purchased property in 1964-65 at the corner of Quadra and North Park Streets for a new church building. In the ensuing years they looked at the needs of the community and came to the conclusion that the most urgent was for low-cost housing for Senior Citizens in the downtown area of Victoria.

Accordingly a separate nonprofit Society called the North Park Manor Society, of which 75% must be members of First Baptist Church, was incorporated on February 11, 1972, for the purpose of building and managing such housing. The church deeded over to the Housing Society the newly purchased property on the understanding that it would be used for the purpose of building thereon nonprofit housing for senior citizens.

The agreement allowed the church to take strata title ownership of that portion of the property on which the church stands. The ceremony of the Turning of the Sod for the church and North Park Manor was held on February 12, 1974. The total cost of North Park Manor was $3,342,230. Financing for the construction of the Manor was covered by an approximate 5% grant from the City of Victoria; a 33 1/3% grant from the Province of British Columbia; a 10% grant from the Federal Government, with the remainder of the cost being financed through a 50 year mortgage at 8% with the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The total cost of the church building and facilities was borne by the First Baptist Church.

In 1986 North Park Manor Society was asked by the Provincial Government to submit a proposal for the construction of additional housing for senior citizens. At that time the land at 844 Fisgard Street, immediately adjacent to the Manor property, was available and a proposal was made to the government for the building of 52 subsidized suites on the Fisgard Street property.

The first sod for Fisgard House was turned on March 22, 1987, and the first tenants moved in on February 16, 1988. Total construction costs for the building were $2,360,000. The property on which Fisgard House is built is owned by the Provincial Government and leased to the Society for 35 years. Fisgard House is operated by the North Park Manor Society.


North Park Manor

134 bachelor suites (four equipped for wheelchair tenants) – 345 sq. ft; 24 one-bedroom suites (couples only) 448 sq. ft.; 2 laundries adjacent to small lounges; a library; a main lounge adjacent to the dining room; attractive park-like grounds. An activity hall equipped with a kitchenette, where large gatherings, parties etc. can be held, was added in 1986.

Fisgard House

52 one bedroom suites (including 2 for handicapped persons); 4 couples, and 46 singles persons. The six larger suites are 572 sq. ft., the 46 for singles are 484 sq. ft. A laundry room and small lounge are available to the tenants, as well as a larger lounge and activity area. An enclosed walkway connects the two buildings.